Multinail Engineering Services

Multinail Engineering Services


Many fabricators may not be aware that Multinail’s Structural Engineering Department offers a lot more than the ability to rectifying broken trusses.  

Multinail’s Structural Engineering Department not only designs and tests all Multinail products but can also design other heavier connector and tie-down brackets for all situations.

Normal residential slabs and footings designs are also not a problem to be designed and drawn up. This is another way fabricators can value add to the services they provide to their customers. As an alternative to concrete slabs on ground, Multinail can assist with the design of residential floor systems constructed from Multistruts, Steelwoods or SpanJoists. These systems on adjustable piers are starting to come back into the market place especially where flooding is a concern.  

If a larger commercial building is outside the scope of AS1684, we can design everything including the slab, wall frames, floor and roof trusses.  Multinail is also very experienced in the design of large span bolted trusses and portal buildings. Larger office floors constructed of Steelwoods also provide a great solution to hide water and electrical services and still allow easy access for maintainance if required.