Stainless Steel Connectors

Stainless Steel Truss Plate
Formed Galvanised Steel connectordesigned to provide an effective means of fastening two timber members under high loads

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stainless truss plate overview

Stainless Steel Flat Tension Bracing
Pre-punched stainless steel tension brace designed to brace timber wall frames in domestic construction.

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stainless flat tension overview


Stainless Steel Joist Hangers

Pre-punched, formed stainless steel connector available with or without bolt holes - very easy to install!

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stainless joist hanger overview

Stainless Steel Triple Grip
Available in left and right profiles, Triple Grips are strong and economical stainless steel connectors for timber joints

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stainless triple overview

Stainless Steel Universal Grip

Universal  stainless steel connecting ancillary used to simplify structural joining in timber roof, wall, ceiling and floor framing

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stainless universal overview