Software Overview

Multinail Software

Since 1980 Multinail has developed completely unique software programs that combine to form an exceptionally strong package from estimating and detailing and production management through to controlling automated machinery.

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multinail software overview

The cornerstone project

The cornerstone project, started in 2009, is the newest and largest evolution of software development that Multinail has ever undertaken. This project represents a new software environment with a uniquely refined and modern user interface.

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tcp software overview

Common Core Functionality

One of the key development strengths of The cornerstone project is the ability for a single or multiple designers to create a full timber structural design model for a building and then create full costings, design results, manufacturing data, management details and export information.

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common core overview

Roof Truss Design Software

When designing Roof Trusses, The cornerstone project lets users automatically or manually define/solve the roof planes to suit the building floor plan. This also allows trusses to be drawn on the layout and automatically formed to the shape of the planes.

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roof software overview

Wall Frame Design Software

The cornerstone project can detail each wall frame on the building floor plan by adding objects into individual wall frames and panels, it also lets users create default wall panel details and junction details to speed up the normal detailing process.

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frame software overview

Floor Truss Design Software

The cornerstone project can create a floor truss layout and then detail each floor member all created from the floor plan. The process is the same as entering roof trusses where the user defines the area that the floor trusses are to be positioned.

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floor softwares overview

 Factory Management System

Factory Management System (FMS) is a computerised management and manufacturing system that automates distribution of work

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fms overview