Factory Management System

fms main

Factory Management System (FMS) is a computerised management and manufacturing system that automates distribution of work, from detailers to production managers through to the factory floor.

All areas of the factory including picking timber, cutting components and assembling products can be set up as a “Station” where all manufacturing data is available on screen for the worker to select, cut and produce trusses and wall frames.

FMS is a paperless system that operates from a database and feeds live information to each manufacturing station and back to the production manager for instant work place updates through to detailed reports.

The 3 main functions of FMS

  • The ability of the truss plant to operate without any paperwork
  • The ability to control truss plant productivity and workflow
  • The information provided to factory workers

FMS contains 3 main areas – The controller – from where all work loads are monitored and allocated to all “stations” in the system, a Saw Station – specifically for your cutting machines and a Jig Station specifically set up on all roof, wall and floor production areas.