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The cornerstone project can create a floor truss layout and then detail each floor member all created from the floor plan. The process is the same as entering roof trusses where the user defines the area that the floor trusses are to be positioned. The area defined does not have to be a square or a rectangle it can be of any shape (as long as it is closed).

The cornerstone project lets users design Multinail’s three types of proprietary floor trusses/joists.

  • SteelWood – a combination of timber and steel webs, good for larger open spans and high floor loads - for more information click here
  • MultiStrut – mostly a steel web layout with few timber webs, good for normal domestic construction - for more information click here
  • SpanJoist – a fully timber webbed joist suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.
The cornerstone project lets users apply the wall frame and stud positions and loads to the floor joists and beams and design the product accordingly. Wall frame stud positions and loads are shown in plan view so users can layout or place joists to achieve the most cost-effective floor design. After designing the joists and beams, the loads can then be placed onto the lower level wall frames so the frames and lintels can be designed to the floor system.

The cornerstone porject has many detailing functions that let users easily modify the material at the end of the joist to suit the supporting method of the joist (e.g.onto a wall/beam, into a steel beam, supported from the Top Chord, etc.). Pockets, openings and strongbacks can be set out in the layout for automatic input into the Bills of Material and for automatic adjustment of webbing. This helps increase detailing speed and accuracy.

Useful features:Draw strongbacks, pockets and bracing onto layout
  • Design beams carrying joists and joists carrying beams.
  • Add joist loads and positions to the frame layout to allow lintels to be designed correctly.
  • Double joists and stair headers designed to suit layout positioning.
  • Floor material takeoff available for the job’s details.

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