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The cornerstone project can detail each wall frame on the building floor plan by adding objects into individual wall frames and panels. Objects include doors, windows, beam pockets, bracing and special studs. Users can edit objects and position the objects to suit the floor plan by dragging and dropping a pre-defined object from a list onto the layout or panel. The cornerstone project lets users create default wall panel details and junction details to speed up the normal detailing process.

The cornerstone project can automatically break panels for stacking/manufacturing and users can also manually add or remove breaks as required. Users can also create stacks/bundles by automatically stacking the project or by manually building a stack using the graphic stacking tool to dragging and dropping panels on a new stack/bundle.

Users can also view roof and floor truss loads and positions on the layout and in elevation mode. This lets users position concentrated loads studs at heavy load areas or move standard studs under any truss position. By having the truss and floor loads The cornerstone project can accurately design the lintels in both the upper and lower frames to suit the specific loads, saving the user time and the company money as the design results are more cost-effective than using tables or other independent software programs.

The cornerstone project also automatically details the wall frames each time the project is flipped/mirrored to help ensure objects remain accurately positioned. When you edit an existing layout, The cornerstone project retains all necessary detailing information and automatically works with the changed layout.

Useful features:Drag and drop all objects to the layout or elevation.

  • Raked or complex frames can easily be created by drawing the new shape/heights using the mouse.
  • Design of lintels and reports generated for certifiers and engineers.
  • Windows and doors can be positioned without calculations via a “Brick calculator” which automatically positions the object to a full or half brick.
  • Bracing schedule tallies the bracing values and notifies the user when the total required value is reached.
  • Bracing reports generated for certifiers and engineers.

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